Wade Morehead

Wade Morehead, founder and principal consultant of Morehead Energy, has dedicated his career to making buildings function better. This is more than just following code or planning proper egress. It’s about ensuring buildings are more comfortable, healthier for the occupants, more efficient to operate, and more sustainable for our environment.

Photo credit: KeyKey Lalka-Morehead

Wade started working in the construction field as a teenager, helping clean up job sites and providing labor for more experienced workers. He began studying architecture in high school, then added engineering and economics to his knowledge base at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He founded and operated a design-build firm, Savage Design, for eight years and furthered his studies in advanced building systems at Louisiana Tech University. By education and trade, he is an architectural engineer.

During the Great Recession, Wade assessed the work he and others were building and determined that the best way forward for the building industry would be to focus on quality and efficiency. This would be the way for us to provide a better product without compromising the value proposition our customers demanded. This realization led to a career change that allowed him to impact thousands of homes and businesses each year by managing energy efficiency programs for electric and gas utilities. These programs help utility customers use less energy while also ensuring the health and safety of the occupants.

After 13 successful and productive program years working with utilities throughout the Midwest, Wade decided to diversify the services he offers across the energy industry with the intent to amplify the impact we can make to how buildings function for the inhabitants and for the communities in which they are located. The team he has constructed is dedicated to taking this mission to scale. Whether it is making buildings safer and more energy efficient, converting homes to off-grid living, helping businesses save on utility expenses, facilitating contractor participation in energy programs, working with utilities and program implementers to improve their program offerings, or providing support to other companies working in the same space, Morehead Energy is the way to do it better.