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Utility Program Management

Running energy efficiency programs is tough work. There are tons of stakeholders involved and statutory directives to be met as well as customer concerns and budgets to manage. Morehead Energy would be your trusted consultant and representative, helping you to navigate these issues while offering top-notch, award-winning programs. Having worked with utilities throughout the Midwest, we bring a seasoned approach to meeting goals within the prescribed parameters and finding ways to innovate and improve year after year.

Commercial & Industrial Businesses

One of the easiest ways to increase your bottom line is to reduce your expenses. However, one of the most difficult expenses to cut is your utility cost since it is very often tied directly to your output. Morehead Energy will help you find the most cost effective ways to reduce the energy use in your business and ensure that you get the benefit of all the funding available from utility and government programs. We will also handle all the required paperwork necessary to participate in these programs so you can focus on what’s most important: managing your business.

Contractor & Distributor Programs

We know you want your customers to get the rebates offered through utility programs, but we also know that it isn’t always feasible to take on the added task of submitting all the required paperwork on top of everything else you do for your customers. Letting Morehead Energy oversee your participation in these programs will allow you to focus on service delivery while your customers will get all the benefits available to them. It’s a win-win, and you will stand out against your competition.

Homeowners & Homebuilders

Almost every homeowner is interested in saving money on their energy bills. Morehead Energy specializes in making existing homes more energy efficient through in depth energy analysis of how the house works as a system and by prioritizing improvements by cost and impact. We can also conduct energy analysis of new homes before they are built so improvements can be made during the planning stage rather than during or after construction. Of course, utilities also offer programs to help fund these improvements, and we will make sure you get every dollar available to you. We handle it so you don’t have to.