Electric Vehicles Growing in Popularity

Is the idea of driving an electric vehicle growing on you? You’re not alone. “About four-in-ten Americans (39%) say that the next time they purchase a vehicle, they are at least somewhat likely to seriously consider electric, while 46% say they are not too or at all likely to do so.”

Photo by Ed Harvey on Pexels.com

Americans are definitely warming up to the idea of buying and driving electric vehicles (EV’s). I counted a half-dozen different commercials during Super Bowl LVI promoting these. While many people are still skeptical of the viability of EV’s, we will see more of them on the road year after year. With all these new EV’s the need for charging stations will increase substantially.

Fortunately, there are many programs currently available to help offset the cost of charging stations through rebates or subsidies, whether at your home or your business. Contact Morehead Energy before you invest in a charging station to make sure you are getting all the benefits available to you. Go to the source to learn more: Americans’ views of electric cars as gas alternative are mixed | Pew Research Center

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